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Sports Medicine

Dr. McLaughlin has developed a unique, comprehensive approach to sports injury and performance. This approach has been an instrumental part of PGA Tour wins with multiple top ranked players, a part of the FedEx Cup Champion team and the World #1 ranked golfer. In addition, Dr. McLaughlin has been on the team for wins on the European, LPGA, Canadian Tour and PGA Tour China. In addition to his work in golf, Dr. McLaughlin has worked with professional athletes in the NFL and MLB and with Division I & II collegiate athletes. He has lectured on his approach to all aspects of human movement, fitness and therapy to individuals and National Sport Federations. 


Andy Zhang

Dr. McLaughlin saved my career from back injuries. I wouldn’t be playing golf and chasing my dreams if it weren’t for his elite level of knowledge and experiences in his field of expertise. 


Dr. Mark Bull

I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing and working alongside Dr Brendan Mclaughlin since 2014. He is one of the most balanced and educated thinkers I know with the most outstanding knowledge of human movement across the scale of strength and conditioning to chiropractic philosophies. Of equal value,  Dr Mclaughlin’s approach to client well being and development is simply superb and looks beyond typical and conventional thinking and practices to provide an expansive and extensive global view to both

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