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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) was developed by Dr. Carolyn McMakin in 1995 after rediscovering a frequency medicine device and corresponding frequencies developed in the early 1900's.

FSM works by delivering specific frequencies to the patient. The human body is a quantum biological system that utilizes water to store and transmit current, charge and information. Each specific biological function is characterized by a single unique frequency. The specific frequencies create resonance within the body and change membrane protein configuration and cell functions electromagnetically. 


There are multiple peer-reviewed published papers documenting the effects in the treatment of myofascial pain from trigger points, neuropathic pain from fibromyalgia associated with spine trauma and delayed onset muscle soreness.

There can be no claims made for the effects of the frequencies until research has documented their effects. All that can be said is that use of this or that frequency had this observed effect in this patient with a certain condition.

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